Friday, April 1, 2011

bento #58

Yay, snack bento!  I know these look like full meals to some people, and they pretty much are for me.  I'm limited to what I can eat in ten minutes, and that never fills me up, but I do my best.

- cream cheese, feta, and olives spread on turkey lunchmeat and rolled
- grape skewers
- half an apple
- cucumber slices

My workmates have been commenting on how healthy my snacks are.  :)


  1. Ha. I think that if you had added carbs, that would totally be a full lunch, but as a snack bento, that's definitely very filling! Those turkey rolls look very good. Why only 10min? Is that what you get as a lunch break, or an in-between break? Just curious.

  2. We have a 15-minute break (5 hours of work), but I work at the back of a huge room, so by the time I walk out and walk back in, get settled, etc, that's around 10 min to eat.

    I'm usually still a bit hungry after I eat my snacks. :P