Thursday, February 28, 2013

Menu plan for two weeks

I tend to make out my menus for two weeks at a time.  While I'd LOVE to go grocery shopping every week (it's a favorite activity of mine), I find I spend less if I go every other.  Plus, it seems too limiting to only have $35 to spend every week... $70 every other is better.  :)

So, my meal plan for the next two weeks:

Most days, I cook around lunch time and eat that for dinner too.  Breakfasts tend to be something on a tortilla (eggs, bacon, cheese, etc.) and a piece of fruit.  If I've made granola recently, I'll eat that over yogurt.  I also eat oatmeal at times, or an omelette and piece of toast.  Last week I had made cheese and garlic scones and had sausage, so made "sausage mcmuffins" with those... tasty!

I'll try to post links to recipes when I can.  Unless specified, everything is homemade.  I didn't list what vegetables I'll eat with these; usually I'll have a frozen veg, salad, etc.  Often I'll buy a vegetable on sale and use that throughout the week, so it depends.  These are in no particular order-- I choose whatever I want to eat that day and what works with my schedule.

I should add that recipes are starting points for me... I make lots of modifications and adjustments.

So, the menu!
chicken tikka masala and naan (I might make palak paneer as well! getting a gallon of milk so I can make paneer)

chicken crockpot nachos

homemade mac and cheese (I use whole wheat noodles)

white pizza, salad

baked potato with cheese sauce, spinach

maid rite (ground beef cooked in beef brother with onion) with french fries

kielbasi, cabbage, potatoes, probably cooked together

taco soup (going to splurge and buy some sour cream to go on to, plus off-brand fritos instead of tortilla chips like I'd usually use)

turkey chili with corn bread

bean burritos (made w refried beans; w leftover chili on top)

taco salad with refried beans (If I use meat for the taco salad, I'll cut up at least a half of a pepper and cook it with the meat, along with a small onion-- stretches the meat and adds veg!)

I have a box of Annie's mac and cheese; will mix this with leftover chili

hamburgers, hot potato salad

chicken for bento; spinach, onigiri?

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