Wednesday, July 24, 2013

bento #150

I've been craving Japanese food.  Watching RRcherrypie's videos on youtube-- why are they so addicting?-- and I bought a few craft/gummy kits to make during the school year.

That lead to me getting out my bento and manga cookbooks, and of course then I had to cook.  I'm borrowing my parents' deep fryer (they hardly ever use it), so I could make kara-age!

I'm pretty sure I used this box with my last bento... probably because it's new.  And, black goes with everything!
- spinach with sesame seeds
- kara-age
- tamagoyaki (probably the worst-looking ones I've ever made)
- orange pepper and bean sprouts
- rice with some snap peas and carrot flowers

And, I just realized that 150 is a pretty exciting number!

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