Tuesday, August 2, 2011

what have I been up to lately?

Well, as far as food goes, not packing bento.  I'm sure I'll get back into it when the school year starts again.  However, for work (teaching online), I'm doing a 6-week fruit and vegetable challenge, where the goal is to eat 5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables every day.  As I was pretty much doing that already, except for the odd day, I figured I might as well sign up.  Our real goal is 20 points a week... well, the first week I had 30 points, and last week I had 40.  Fresh veg at farmer's markets and from friends' gardens helps!  As does the fact that peaches and cherries are in season.

A few examples: the other day I made lecho for lunch.  I used a whole tomato, half an onion, and a small green pepper.  3 servings of veg, easy.  (What is lecho?  Hungarian recipe...take a chopped onion and green pepper, saute, chop the tomato and add, cook until soft.  Scramble one egg and add to the mixture; cook until egg is set.  Serve with bread or toast). A fruit smoothie has a banana, half-cup of strawberries, and 6 oz. of juice.  Another 3 servings.  So, they add up quickly.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about my newest obsession.  :)

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