Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm still here...

just gone a lot.  ;)

I had planned to post bentos this week, but this week is my week off (once I get my grades submitted today), and I'm planning to camp... even though the weather is planning to rain and storm.  Lots of plans... we'll see what happens.

I do have a few bentos I can post.  However, I'll also be m.i.a. for a while next week...should I just take a month-long vacation, or post sporadically?  I suppose this is what summer does to a bento blog.


  1. Hehe. Do what works best for you. It's nice to take a 'break from it all', and blogs arent an exception from the 'it all' clause! Have fun. Good luck with what remains of the semester.

  2. Posting sporadically is need to even offer up reasons for various absences. As you said, it is summer and lots of bento blogs trail off during the summer months...heck, blogs in general do. It's all good. Do as you like!